Curious about charcoal but not
​​​​​​​sure how to use it in your art?

Well, get ready to 'get down and dusty' as one student put it!

Yes, charcoal is messy, but it's an incredibly versatile, earthy, sensuous, and fun to use medium, and very well suited to expressive art making.

In this course we cover the basics of charcoal so you can start to feel more confident about using it, and then we jump into a heap of fun exercises and things you can try to help you better express yourself with this marvellous medium.

We'll be dabbling in abstract, figure drawing, portraiture, and more, but you don't need to have extensive skills in any of them - they will just be our vehicles for self expression because charcoal loves them. :) 


“The exercises were fun and intuitive and exciting. Very well put together. Short, affordable, but exciting and fresh approach to charcoal! Highly recommended!”

Aino S

This course is for you if:

  • You're curious about charcoal but not sure how to use it
  • You've been avoiding it because it seems messy and unruly
  • You're always keen to find new ways to express your true self through your art
  • Your favourite kind of art to make is loose and free {there's no tight realism around here!}
  • You thrive with a bit of a framework for your freedom of expression

“There was so much to take in and enjoy in this well constructed and beautifully presented course. Tara has a sharing and teaching style that makes it safe to dip in and explore possibilities you may think are out of reach. I have gone on to take Life Drawing classes with a confidence I previously lacked.”

Judy McKenzie

About the teacher

Hello! I'm Tara, and my work is all about turning inward to discover and cultivate your one-of-a-kind-ness {totally a word}, and bring that out through your art.

I've loved charcoal since I was eleven and first picked up a stick in the art room at school. I love its immediacy and natural state; I love its versatility and boldness; I love its messiness and its ability to help me express myself on the page with aliveness and spontaneity. 

I want you to experience that too, so I created this course to help you really get to grips with using charcoal with confidence and joy. 

Embrace the mess and express yourself freely!

The lessons

Lesson One: 
Introduction to charcoal basics and a fun exercise to loosen you up and get you going + a troubleshooting section

Lesson Two: 
Gesture drawing part one - learning to use line expressively using my hybrid method :)

Lesson Three: 
A slideshow for context and inspiration, including historical and contemporary artists using charcoal in different ways

Lesson Four: 
Gesture Drawing part two - developing fluency in expressing movement and aliveness
​​​​​​​Lesson Five: 
A reverse portrait exercise to get you more comfortable with values

Lesson Six: 
Exploring lines and layers using organic shapes - an exercise in abstractifying

Lesson Seven: 
Incorporating charcoal into a painting {without creating a muddy mess}

Bonus 1: 
A fun and freeing exercise that can be used as a way into painting or simply to practice loosening up and being less precious 

Bonus 2:
Just for fun :)

Bonus 3:
Expressive drawing and erasing

​​​​​​​+ resources section

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Valued at £145​​​​​​​

  • Seven action oriented lessons designed to get you into a happy relationship with charcoal
  • Two bonuses - one with a 'purpose' and one for fun :) 
  • Demo videos, a mini art history lesson slideshow, reference images, tips, downloadable PDFs, encouragement, and ideas designed to grow your confidence and expressive abilities with charcoal
  • Full access to the course on registration
  • Any updates or future additions to the course wiil be automatically yours

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