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Expressive Charcoal

A self paced course to help you discover the expressive and playful nature of charcoal, and use it confidently in your art.

Lesson 1
​​​​​​​Introduction to charcoal basics and a fun exercise to loosen you up and get you going + a troubleshooting section

Lesson Two: 
Gesture drawing part one - learning to use line expressively using my hybrid method :)

Lesson Three: 
A slideshow for context and inspiration, including historical and contemporary artists using charcoal in different ways

Lesson Four: 
Gesture Drawing part two - developing fluency in expressing movement and aliveness

Lesson Five: 
A reverse portrait exercise to get you more comfortable with values

Lesson Six: 
Exploring lines and layers using organic shapes - an exercise in abstractifying

Lesson Seven: 
Incorporating charcoal into a colourful painting {without creating a muddy mess}

Plus two bonus lessons for extra charcoaly goodness.

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